Calling time

In approximately 6 weeks time, I’m about to start the most daunting challenge yet. I’m going to become a father.

I’m not going to lie, the prospect is both exhilarating and scary. I’m 39, and was starting to think it’d never happen. Don’t get me wrong, we were trying, but the magic simply wasn’t happening. If you were to believe the doctors, it shouldn’t have been possible, and as such we were waiting for our turn on the IVF wagon.

Thankfully, miracles do happen, and we’ve not needed to do this.

We’re having a girl, and already named her Lilly. I’m looking forward to welcoming my new bff into this world. I cant wait for the time when she’ll be able to show me how to surf properly, and I can show her how to ride a bike. Maybe even eat a worm or two.

For now, my passion for triathlon must take a back-burner. I’m still swimming, cycling and running, eating healthily and doing all the right things. I’m committed to completing a full Ironman, though exactly when this will be is anyone’s guess.

So with this, i’m calling time on this website. I’ll keep it alive, and add interesting stuff from time to time, but don’t expect much magic from me any time soon. I may convert the site into an image blog…Lilly, me and my trusty carbon fibre. 🙂

Farewell my friends, its time to move to the next challenge.


2 thoughts on “Calling time

  1. Hi uncle , I really like the name Lilly and the pictures you’ve posted of the nursery look amazing, good luck in your next step in life 😊 hope you and Cindy are well xx


  2. Awesome news, Chris! Congratulations!

    I’ll tell you right now, my kids are the best thing that ever happened to me next to getting sober and meeting my wife. Enjoy it, man.


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