A game changer for endurance sports – lactate threshold sensor by BSX Insight

First it was heart rate monitor.  The world was revolutionised to a more scientific way of training.  Then there were cadence and foot pods, the world rejoiced a little more.  Then there power meters, and the cycling fraternity turned upside down.


Now its the time for runners.


There are two tests that largely fill me with dread – the VO2MAX test and the Lactate Threshold test.  Largely because these both involve huge amounts of physical pain, and one requires regular stabbing of needles every 2-3 minutes.


Did I say how much I hate needles?  I do.  A lot.


Now for the real kicker – both of these two measurements can change markedly through a relatively short period of sustained training, meaning that to be effective, must be done regularly.  Damn.  I still hate needles.


So, realising there is an untapped market designed for wimps who hate needles, in come BSX Insight.  Taking the well established near InfraRed Spectroscopy technology, making it portable, ANT+ enabled and throwing some maths behind the scenes, enables a gadget to now accurately determine near real-time lactate threshold levels.  And no needles.


Why is this important?  Your lactate threshold is the mark at which your cardiovascular system substantially increases lactic acid build up in your blood stream, causing that burning sensation in your muscles.  If you knew at what point this would occur, and correlate that to say heart rate, or even running pace, you can go the distance at your optimum peak without blowing up and falling short.


Like I said, game changer.


Anyways, recognising the importance of this company – I’ve reached out and can confirm today that I’m now officially a brand ambassador for BSX Insight.  To celebrate, I’m providing you with a 10% discount for all products purchased.  Simply use the discount code GiveMeInsights10 at check-out.


Now check this video out, and see what you think.  Then check this review from DC Rainmaker.  Then go buy one.


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