In which I do like to be beside the seaside….. Ironman Melbourne race report.


Ironman Melbourne... Ironman Melbourne…

I’ve never done an Ironman branded race before, and this one was a bit different. For starters it was the Asia Pacific Championships, and it was also a point to point marathon, so you start 42.2k away from where you finish. This presented a few logistical issue, but fortunately we had some family close at hand to lend a hand with logistics.

My brother in law’s other half appeared with her car at 3:30 on the Friday, and said, “Yeah St Kilda (where I needed to register) is only about 30 mins away. Plenty of time.”

I had to register by 5pm, and had been getting a bit fratchety. I jumped into the car, put the sat nav on, and began to follow it. We crawled closer to the registration point at St Kilda. The sat nav decided to have a bit of a fit and kept sending…

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