Sweatin’ to Headsweats!

25% discount on headsweats, arguably the best performance head wear available? Yes please!

A Fast Paced Life

bannersLast week I got some exciting news. I’m now a Headsweats Ambassador!!!

I love Headsweats. I rarely do an outdoor run without Headsweats. From spring to fall, I faithfully wear a visor. In winter (when I can bring myself to go out), I run with a Headsweats beanie. Even when I’m not running, I frequently wear Headsweats. Going hiking? A Headsweats visor is on my head. Traveling? Headsweats is packed in my carry-on. In winter, I wear a Headsweats beanie because it’s a great lightweight warm hat.

I’m really excited to be a part of the 2015 Headsweat Ambassadors and to have this opportunity to represent a brand that I already love and wholeheartedly embrace. Check out the other Headsweats Ambassadors here.

To share the love, Headsweats has given me a code for me to give to my readers – afastpacedlife. Use it to get 25% off…

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