Secrets to Success, Part 7, by Stephen Ruffin

Nicely put

Traveling Wherever

I think every successful triathlete has a little Rastafarian inside them at heart. Now mind you, I can’t think I have seen many triathletes sporting dreadlocks; they just aren’t aero. What I am alluding to here is what I believe every successful triathlete learns along the journey: how to accept things as they are; relax and adapt.

I learned very early in my triathlon journey that the best made race plans can go to hell in a hand basket quickly.

My first triathlon was in a pool. No big deal. It was a very short and enjoyable race designed for beginners. If you got into trouble you could stand and walk the swim distance. That race got me hooked on triathlon, and I quickly registered for another.

My next triathlon had an ocean swim to start the day. It took place in November. It was a fairly large triathlon with…

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