Ironman Swim Set Of Death!


As I pen this blog this morning, my shoulders and traps are tight, and refuse to loosen up anytime soon by the feel of it. Why’s this you might ask? Well, if you’re intrigued, it’s best you keep reading, as I’ll fill you in on my swim set that I will name THE IRONMAN SWIM SET OF DEATH!

As normal, Tuesday’s Tri Club swim, at Roe Valley Leisure Centre starts in the usual manner. We catch up on the banter with everyone, have a chat about a few sessions, and typically for this time of the year, it’s all about, did you enter this race… or that race etc etc! Thomas and I, thought we were among the 1st few in, only to realise Peter ‘the main man’ Jack was already in doing an extra warm up before the set even starts (all with a broken finger too)! Anyways…

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