Inspired by #thisgirlcan?

A great, inspirational post. And I’m fully for it.

If you’re looking to take part in an all included run club, Shoe science in Albany is where it’s at. 6.15pm, Thurs nights.

The Style Dynamo

Better late than never – I have to say that the latest #thisgirlcan campaign struck a chord with me and many others because, to put it simply, it’s encouraging women to become more active and not give a monkey in the process.

As someone who has spent the last 10 years not giving a monkey what anyone thinks of them running, cycling or generally looking hot and sweaty around London, I find the stats behind the campaign and research undertaken by Sport England pretty compelling.

Two million fewer women participate in sports than men and yet 75% want to be more active.

So why don’t they find an activity they love and “Just Do It”? You may ask.

In short, it’s down to the dreaded “F” word. FEAR. Fear of being judged by others, fear of not being good enough and fear of not looking like one of those fitness model…

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5 thoughts on “Inspired by #thisgirlcan?

    • Absolutely have! And I think its great (the post only shows the teaser, the full 1min45 vid is on the website).

      I support it from many angles; more women doing things they enjoy without fear of judgement; greater diversity; increased self respect/image; more professional athletes coming to the fore etc.

      If a a few of them “kick balls” along the way, im all for it! 🙂


      • Interesting. I support women of all shapes and sizes exercising, always have. The ball kicking thing, not so much. If we guys ran around talking chuckling about kicking vajay-jays all the time, well that wouldn’t be received to well – nor should it. Perhaps i’m not looking at it from the proper perspective. I’d appreciate a little enlightenment if you have the time. A better way to look at it would be beneficial.


      • The next line is “Deal with it”… Exactly one second later. Why would anyone have to “deal with” a woman playing soccer? It’s a double entendre brother – and that’s not just a river in France.


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