My 20 Week marathon plan, shared with you.

In case you’re looking for a sustainable and easily achievable marathon plan…here it is.  Enjoy!

Auckland Marathon Plan


**Update.  I had a few replies looking for clarification on the specifics to the plan.  So here goes the explanation…

  • The plan is split into two sections.  The upper being the actual plan which I was working towards.  The lower section being the actual sessions done.
  • There were effectively 3 different types of training, based on the distances involved.  The 5-8km distances were fast paced, hill repeats or HIIT sessions.  The 10-20km were race paced, based on HR (zone 3).  The long distances (weekend runs) were usually done under no particular pace, but averaged around 6min/km and were used to test nutrition/hydration regimes, break shoes, getting the gear right etc.
  • The plan is based on 3 weeks  progression and 1 weeks ‘recovery’.  I used the distances as guides only in that if I was feeling bad, it would be the maximum I’d run.  If I was feeling good, it would be the minimum on the basis that I would stop still feeling like I could do more.

I’ll also say that if I hadn’t fallen, breaking my ankle, I would have been a sub-4hr marathon.  But that said, because the universe conspired against me, with less than 6 weeks to race day, it really f*cked things up.  And despite some magnificent active-rehab though some gifted surgeons/physios, I still crossed the line in 4:49 (re-breaking my ankle in the process mind you).

I threw in some VO2max tests to see how my aerobic capacity had been affected with the time off, and how quickly it was increasing, and while injured was cycling as my only means of keeping fitness going.

Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions, just hit me up and leave a comment.


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